Artist Open House Femantle

Duke Street House

Artist Open House Fremantle 2015OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Check this out for a winning concept: an event where you can view artworks inside a number of private homes, all within easy distance of one another creating a walking trail. Welcome to Artist Open House Fremantle. Whether you’re interested in art, design, architecture, or simply enjoy having a sticky-beak (guilty!) this event has a very wide appeal.

I spoke to AOHF director and founder Cathrina Read last week about the event at the light-filled South Fremantle home of Soraya Ramsey and Eamon Broderick. The house was in a state of controlled chaos as Read and her team discussed the arrangement of works by artists Becky Blair, Brit Dunbar, Leila Jeffreys, Jane Tangney and Oh.skii.

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