Artist Open House Femantle

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Buy everything (art, homewares & furniture!) from a Perth home


When I visit the homes of my style-savvy friends, you’ll often hear me asking: “where’s that from?” “who’s that by?” and cheekily, “can I have it?!” However, often the answer is: “some obscure shop” “some very expensive designer” and a resounding, “no you can not!” And I’m left envious and empty-handed.

So, it is for that reason I am loving the idea behind Artist Open House Fremantle’s (AOHF) upcoming Styled House. Part of the second annual AOHF event, which sees private homes exhibit Australian artworks for the public to buy, the Styled House takes this notion one step further. Gutting, repainting and refurnishing an entire two-bedroom home, everything, and I mean everything, will be for sale!

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