The AOHF homes

Do you live in South Fremantle or East Fremantle, WA?

If you love the arts, realise that life without art is “meh”, and wish to give your support to the arts, then why not consider opening your house for AOHF.

We are looking for homes in which we can show and sell art during a weekend in November each year.


We are looking for homeowners who are:

  • willing to have the public come through their house
  • available to receive artwork in the week prior to AOHF 2016
  • willing to have a team install and de-install the artworks
  • possibly willing to have their house photographed for PR purposes
  • want to support the arts industry in WA


We will look after you! In participating with AOHF, we will:

  • take out public liability insurance to cover any incidents in your home
  • have your home professionally cleaned before and after the event
  • invite you to the opening party
  • offer you a significant discount on any artwork you choose to purchase
  • communicate with you throughout the process so you know what is going on at all times
  • assign a sales team to your house to look after all sales and public enquiries during the event weekend


How to apply

Simply fill in the form below or email us at hello@artistopenhousefremantle with your name, your street name, a sentence of why you’re keen, and some images of your house (not necessary to style these images!).

Houses are chosen on location, above all else. It is important to us that we have houses close by to create a walking trail… So why not get your neighbours involved and make a party of it!



Apply now